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The 175th anniversary celebration was held in the headquarter of Patek Phillipe in Geneva on 13th October, 2014. As it is known to all that Patek Phillipe also promoted some special limited watches in its anniversaries and have you seen that this grand celebration outcompete many other celebrations? Wondering why?

In that birthday, Patek Phillipe released its propounding watch and some of those become legends, including Caliber 89 pocket watch. In order to brace first grand celebration in 21 century, Patek Phillipe seems to prepare for over one fourth century. Everything rolling out in this celebration would surely blow us out. Now let’s take a look at this soon-to-coming masterpiece-5175.

First comes Patek Phillipe 5175, which only 7 of it exist. One is hold by Patek Phillipe museum and another 6 will be sold to the diehards. Many people say that 5175 have taken place of 6002 and become the king of watches. But I would not go with that comment because this two watches have different inclinations, so who replacing who is impossible. But I agree that 5175 should be the kind of watches, because this is a super complication watch that is a blue moon. It seems to put all complication functions into it and 5175mainly focus on the sound-theme, and integrate various repeaters on it. When people talked about Patek Phillipe lack of tourbillon or other complication functions, I was wondering, or thinking, that the future complication watch is definitely not the chaotic combination of complications. So 5175 has clear theme. In Patek Phillipe history, 5175 is the first watch that has Grandstrike and Smallstrike. Grandstrike and Smallstrike themselves are not complications, but Grandstrike and Smallstrike, plus a minute repeater, would surely the most complicated thing. It is just like the diamond on the top crown. Although this is nothing special, but it means a lot to Patek Phillipe.

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