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There is something that makes TAG Heuer is much more successful than other competitors, and that important part is the person Mr. Jack Heuer. This chronograph was launched in honor of Jack’s 80th birthday as well as his more or less retirement from actively consulting with the brand. Though I have a feeling watch and Tag lovers will spot him around. So what is so special about Jack? Now we will elaborate it.

In 1958 Jack Heuer, as an engineer, joined the family business. Jack is the great grandson of Edouard Heuer who found the Swiss watch maker in 1860. In about 1960s and 1970s “mechanical” was more or less the cutting-edge techniques in watch making while electronic watches were a cheap thing It was in a sense, the last golden age of the consumer mechanical watch, before they became luxury items. During this time brands raced to make the best sport watches, which included timepieces for racing, diving, precision timing, and of course space travel. Heuer collectors know what the part the brand played in developing the mechanical chronograph wrist watch. It was an important player with a real history of innovation, design, and legitimacy. Jack Heuer was there during this time, eventually running the brand and ushering in new products like the Carrera watch family.

Jack represents a link to this important era. Not only because it was the past, but because it was part of the pre-age of luxury watches. A time when the hard-to-get collectibles of today were available at your local department store. It was when the wrist watch was necessary and when precise watches had a real and very valuable purpose. It was an age of nostalgia that many watch brands like to reminisce about today – and for the time being, Jack Heuer is a living and breathing connection to that time, and ambassador to all that is Heuer history.

It is happy to see Jack wearing and enjoying this watch specially made for him. It really made me think, but after reflecting on it I came to realize why Mr. Heuer is such an incredible value to not only TAG Heuer, but also watch appreciation as a pursuit. He didn’t spend his whole life in the watch industry, but he had a lot of valuable insight and experiences that today’s CEOs fromthose famous brands wouldn’t have. I was really happy to have met with him. The TAG Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer 80 Edition watch is limited to 3,000 pieces.

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