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Watches and stories behind it has been existed for over hundreds of years, and grow stronger and stronger in the culture. Breguet 7074 Grande Complication becomes a classic type: the center of the dial is branded with careful Clou-de-Paris. Three blue steel screws fix the dial which paid tribute to the Souscription; thinner bezel offers different frame and the golden-gilt profile is engraved with coin. Titanium place reminds us of the early blueprint conceived by Breguet master. Louis Moinet was a well-known watch designer who excelled at architecture, engraving, and painting. Some people think that his idea was not confirmed to 18s century. Even today we could still find sparkling. The meeting between Mr.Moinet and Mr.Breguet enabled many ideas into a paint, and this Twintech is one of those paint.

When it comes to the Vacheron Constantin watch, the thickness of the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Jewelry Watch reaches 8.76 mm and in the side profile there are crowded with rectangular-cut diamonds and every gem has a beautiful cut, and gives off shiningly with the movement of your wrist. The strap of this watch is made of white gold, and the precious metal touches really smooth. What’s more, the double buckle which is made of whit gold as well guarantees that it will never fall off your hand accidently.
And the final one is the Patek Philippe. Small lit for protecting dust on Patek Philippe 5227 can be ignored, but still this dial will call your attention, the alabaster dial looks quite gorgeous when it combines with the red gold. The ivory-white or milk-white dial reminds me of the 1980s Rolex Submariner scales which is highly favored by Patek Philippe fans. Sword-shaped golden hand is thus quite contrast with two tilted sides. Such kind of hands shape were usually applied in1950s and 1960s, such as the Omega that had an air of class and was a perfect suite watch.

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