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In addition to the reference of the watch brand, the market price of the watches also is a superficial phenomenon, that is to say, it may not represent the actual value, so where reflects the real value of the watch? An important observation is the secondary market, including the auction house and pawn shops, etc. First of all, the Patek Philippe in every important auction of each big watch auctions house in the domestic and foreign market, almost every time occupied half of the purchase price of the top ten, even also can have as many as seven or eight. Of course, also some people said, this was made by Patek Philippe, but before it is not confirmed, this is just a guess.

When it comes to Rolex, rolex value is mainly manifested in the field of pawn, even there are legends saying that rolex is the hard currency except gold, that is to say, its value in the pawn line is very high. In addition to these two brands, we had not heard of any other brand having so significant value in the secondary market. But it should be noted that even the Patek Philippe brand which can maintain value in the auction house, also mainly refers to the watches models with the complex process and rare issue volume, not all the watches models, especially those basic watches models with large issue volume, they do not have significant value.

Patek philippe is top luxury brand, for those people who understand the watchmaking industry, it belongs to the life-long pursuit of goals, for the local tyrants it is one of the best of things just for showing off. Rolex should be practical luxury product, it is durable, practical, populist (optional as there are many kinds of price), it belongs to the public type of luxury brand.

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