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Rolex launched the oyster perpetual watch in the year of 1953, which is the air-king wrist watch we all know, in the official data of rolex now it has no information about the introduction of the air-king, and replaced with the oyster perpetual series, so air-king wrist watch will become history, will only exist oyster perpetual series wrist watch. Oyster perpetual series wrist watch is the entry-level series of rolex, and the price is the lowest in all Rolex series, so if you want to buy an entry-level rolex watch, you must buy a rolex oyster perpetual series wrist watch.

In the year of 1955, Rolex launched the first GMT-Master watch, which was jointly developed by Rolex and the Pan Am for the International airline pilots, and it had the GMT display function, for traveler, this function was really practical and valuable, especially in today’s society.

In the year of 1956, Rolex launched the first MILGAUSS watch, and it is as a professional antimagnetic watch, can prevent magnetic quantity of 1000 gauss, which is deeply loved by scientists and engineers, and its unique lightning second hand become a highlight of its unique design.

In the year of 1985, Rolex applied the 904L stainless steel material, and it is the first leader making brand that created all stainless steel watch case with 904L stainless steel. This kind of material is often used in high-tech, aerospace and chemical industry, its excellent corrosion protective performance can be comparable to the precious metals, and it can present a unique luster after polishing.

In the year of 2009, Rolex launched the datejust ii series watch, and when compared with the datejust series watch, the biggest change is the increased size of the watch diameter, and the movement changed the new suspension and did the upgraded processing.

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