Suicide Squad cosplay guide


Suicide Squad is a 2016 American superhero movie based on the eponymous DC Comics supervillain team. The show tells the story of the US government’s discovery of potential dangers in national security matters. Amanda Waller is the head of a secret government agency called Argus. She decided to summon Superman, the devil in prison, in exchange for their freedom to seek help. To keep America safe. Amanda Waller originally discovered the body of an archaeologist named Joan Yann, who had been taken over by an ancient spirit hag.

Later, the sorcerer escapes the control of Amanda Waller, attempts to free her evil brother, and creates a weapon that transforms ordinary people into an army of superpowers and uses it to rule the earth.

To Stop Her, Amanda Waller Formed Task Force X, which included an assassin’s deadshot, Halle Quinn, and a thief with a Boomerang, a Los Angeles former gang member of the vengeful demon who can control Fire. , a reptile killer who lives in a sewer, Amanda Waller has invited class soldier Colonel Phleger and his bodyguard, the Samurai. The move was complicated by the city’s “religious police” , Batman, and the joker, who wanted to save Halie Quinn. The show attracted a large audience, with the joker and Halle Quinn becoming the most popular characters.

The joker is a notorious extremist and powerful psychopath from Gotham city. He is the top of the city’s criminal underworld and is feared by other crime bosses. While showing no sympathy or compassion for anyone who participates in his evil plans through intimidation or deception, the joker does idolize his girlfriend and fellow criminal Harley Quinn, and goes to great lengths to save her from the suicide squad and Amanda Waller, in the end, it worked.

The joker is also Batman’s longtime nemesis and the murderer of Batman’s goalkeepers, Robyn and Quinn.

The clown’s fatal attraction comes from his exaggerated appearance, which makes him the first choice of many actors. His red suit, a mixture of a yellow vest and a green shirt, seemed incongruous, but his makeup was exaggerated because of his coordination. A suit is a very textured fabric. No matter how you look or dress, you won’t feel any discomfort. It’s not just a role-playing dress-up, it’s a special kind of everyday wear, and if you like, it’s also very suitable for everyday wear. The green shirt has a beautifully patterned design that will reduce the monotony and add more style. You can also choose another costume for the clown. This is a long coat of purple leather. It’s very powerful, and it’s perfect for him to be unhappy. And easier to match. If you want to talk about the joker’s obsession, Harley Quinn is the only one. Very popular. Here are some comments about her outfit:

“When I put it on, it was amazing. With my well-groomed makeup and wig, I couldn’t believe the person in the mirror was me. She looked cold and mysterious, sexy and charming. Her clothes and pants The quality is very good, very attractive, and the size is very suitable. In short, it is very beautiful, I want to wear it all the time!”

“It’s really cool! I’m going to cry! Very satisfied, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Too shiny! Too sexy! Harry Maine is my goddess! The reduction rate of the clothes is very high, and the details are handled very well. If you like it, please don’t hesitate to buy it.”

Wearing a clown and Harley Quinn cosplay costume with your boyfriend or girlfriend will definitely attract a lot of people’s attention. What’s more, this is considered a couple costume, isn’t it?

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