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Tank series is the one that fully expressed the beauty of shapes. Modern arcs matching unique structures build breathtaking watches. The earliest Tank series has a unique vertical lugs and roman hour makers. Simple lines and arresting profile paved the stone for the Cartier tank replica.

Tank Louis Cartier
Tank Louis Cartier is a classical type. Comparing to the arresting features, it has gentle lines and round corners. What’s more, vertical lugs are processed by polishing and the crown, inspired by the brave design, is set with a sapphire, corresponding to the blue steel hand. With the changes of time, Tank Louis Cartier becomes ambitious and do not just want to be a watch for reading time from. Other functions, such as Date, skeleton design, beautiful diamonds on the bezel and crown, are applied to Tank series. Cartier tries to express it greatness through every small details.

Cartier Tank Americaine
Born in 1989, Tank Americaine is presented to people as a big surprise after two years design and developing. Inheriting the round bezel, Tank Americaine has a tight space and a rounder lugs. Many other elements are incorporated, looking more balanced and bright. Lines cross with arc, which makes it full of visual impact and a modern beauty. Once again, Cartier’s water-proof watcher was presented to the public. The particular octagon-shaped crown with a sapphire on it once again illustrates Cariter’s obsession with geometric shapes.

Cartier Tank Francaise
In 1996, Cartier went over all its classic and then released a brand-new Tank Francaise. Two parallel vertical lugs, roman hour makers and crown with sapphire on multiple dimensions were seen on it and it broke the tradition by employing track bracelet. Different materials, functions and bezel colors are applied to Tank Francaise and the only feature that remain the same is the simple design, graceful lines and nostalgia appearance. website

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